A collection of disorganized interconnected notes on front-end, dev tools, home automation and podcasting. Be on the lookout for the special pink links like this.
  1. Vscode Turborepo Jest Debugging

  2. Including static files in App Router RSCs

  3. Conditionally rendering RSCs

  4. Importing Local Database Into Planetscale

  5. Automate Your Locks Without User Interaction

  6. Create Switches That Trigger Notifications

  7. Fixing Buggy Hdmi Cec

  8. Getting Files Out Of A Docker Container

  9. Home Automation User Experience (HAUX)

  10. Home Automation Workflows

  11. Home Automation

  12. Turning Off Lights When There Is No Motion

  13. Creating "Window Open" Notifications when AC is Running

  14. Javascript Monorepo Tooling

  15. Podcast Tooling

  16. Podcast Production Process

  17. Podcast Social Clips

  18. Essential Mac Apps

  19. Devtools Fm

  20. Podcast Editing Organization

  21. Better Default Tools

  22. Git Aliases

  23. Terminal Setup