Git Aliases

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I started as a Git GUI person (I still love and use Gitup daily) but as I've grown as a developer I moved more and more into my terminal.

# Open the current repository in Gitup alias g="gitup" # Create a new Branch alias gb="git checkout -b" # Show the current status of the repo alias gs="git status --short" # Stage some files alias ga="git add -v" # Stage all files alias gaa="ga -A" # Make a commit alias gc="git commit -m" # Add all changes, amend the last commit, and force push alias gaf="gaa && git amend && gp -f" gitPush() { # If in a git repo - call git mv. otherwise- call mv if [[ $(git config "branch.$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD).merge") == '' ]]; then git push -u --porcelain "$@" else git push --porcelain "$@" fi } # Push to origin and set the upstream if necessary alias gp=gitPush # Delete merged branches alias gcb="git checkout master && git pull && git branch --merged master | egrep -v 'next|master' | xargs -I % sh -c 'git branch -d %; git config --get branch.%.merge && git push origin -d %'"

The gp alias requires you to set a value in your git configuration

[push] default = current

The gaf alias requires you to set a value in your git configuration. This will also make the git amend command available. This command will amend the last commit with any staged changes.

[alias] amend = commit --no-edit --no-verify --amend

And while you're there you might as well use all my color settings too. Git output should be pretty too!

[color] ui = true branch = auto [color "diff-highlight"] oldNormal = red bold oldHighlight = red bold 52 newNormal = green bold newHighlight = green bold 22 [color "diff"] commit = yellow bold old = red bold new = green bold whitespace = red reverse [color "status"] branch = magenta normal bold remoteBranch = magenta normal bold changed = yellow normal bold untracked = red normal bold updated = green normal bold [color "branch"] current = magenta normal ul bold remote = yellow normal bold