Andrew Lisowski

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I'm a Front End Engineer with a passion for sweating the details. Building good UI is easy, building great UI is hard. I love the challenge of creating interfaces that are both beautiful and functional for a wide range of users.



2021 - Present
Senior Full Stack Developer

Implemented a new design system and component library to completely redesign the app, modernized the codebase into a proper monorepo, helped bring the electron app to the web, and implemented an E2E testing framework on top of playwright.

Intern => Senior Front End Developer

Interned on 3 different product teams, getting hired on full time in 2016 to work on a client rendering library and a design system. That eventually led to my team being leaders in the design systems and front end tooling space at the company, eventually leading to me becoming the "Open Source Leader" for the San Diego office.


Bachelors - Computer Science




A podcast about developer tools and the people who make them.

Scans 1000s of music blogs daily to create a top 100 list

GitHub Activity Viewer

Organizes your GitHub activity feed to find trending repos among your network.


Combines Pitchfork's reviews with Spotify's API for easy listening.


Generate releases based on semantic version labels on pull requests.


A webpack plugin to inject react typescript docgen information


A storybook addon that lets your users toggle between dark and light mode.

And many more...

300+ repositories on GitHub